Snooki and Jionni LaValle: Divorce on the Way?!

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Yesterday, it was reported that Snooki's husband Jionni LaValle may have been an Ashley Madison client

Unlike other semi-famous men who were involved in the hack on the affair-facilitating website, Jionni has not been definitively linked to an account, and Snooki says there's no way her man is cheating.

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However, sources close to the couple say that Jionni would have plenty of time to have an affair (Snooki has spoken in the past about how little she and her husband see each other.), and infidelity is far from the only problem in the LaValles' marriage.

"They have had some issues in the past,” an insider tells OK magazine. “They have had some knockdown, drag out fights in their relationship. Usually Jionni was the one who was starting the arguments.”

The primary issue? Both parties feel that the other one spends entirely too much time out clubbing, and Snooki and Jionni are both the jealous type.

As for Jionni's possible cheating:

“I think where there is smoke there is fire," says the source. "He is frequently away on golf trips with his boys and they go out and party.”

That said, the insider agrees with Snooki that Jionni would have no need for an Ashley Madison account.

“Maybe his friends were screwing around,” the source says. “It seems like he would just go out in Jersey and find a girl or connect with someone on Instagram.” 

Of course, given Snooki's recent comments about Anna Duggar, the Jersey Shore would look like quite the hypocrite if she stays with a cheater.

We wouldn't be surprised if a Garden State mistress emerges in the next few days, which could make this situation very interesting.

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