Nathan Griffith: Revealed as Ashley Madison User!

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Just because Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are finally broken up for good, that doesn't mean the testy Teen Mom star isn't pissed off by the latest revelation about his behavior while they were together.

Yes, it seems Nathan is the latest victim of the Ashley Madison hack.

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Radar Online is reporting that an email address using Nathan's name was linked to an account on the affair-facilitating website, but he initially denied any involvement with the site.

When Radar discovered that the same email address was registered to Griffith's official Facebook page, he went from a firm denial to a "no comment."

Jenelle was arrested for assaulting Nathan's new girlfriend last week, so we think it's safe to say that their latest breakup hasn't been going too smoothly. 

As such, Jenelle was more than happy to comment on Nathan being busted as a cheater.

“Once a cheater, always a cheater,” Jenellr told Radar. “I think he embarrasses himself and whoever associated with him, especially the girl he’s with now because supposedly she doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. But Nathan does.”

Well, Jenelle, if it makes you feel any better, friends of Nathan's say he never used the account to cheat on you - but has used it to attempt to sleep around on his new girl!

“He was separated from Jenelle [when he made the account],” a source claims. “But he was seeing [his new girlfriend] Jessica. He claimed he made it because he couldn’t remember his gmail password and was locked out of his old email.”

“It’s definitely not shocking that Nathan has an Ashley Madison account. Jenelle is glad not to be the one having to deal with his antics anymore.”

We're afraid that's where you're wrong, source. The way we see it, Nathan's chaste new girlfriend will dump him over all this, and Jenelle will be "dealing with his antics" again by lunchtime.

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