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In case you somehow weren’t aware, Madonna has a bit of a penchant for unruly, diva-like behavior.

She’s been pissing people off for over three decades now, but lately it seems like Madge is trying harder than ever to stir up controversy.

First she forcibly made out with Drake at Coachella. Then she talked about her son’s penis on Instagram.

Now, apparently not pleased with the reaction she received from either of those bizarre stunts, Madonna has returned to the sort of ridiculous backstage antics that have made her the bane of stage crews and backup dancers the world over.

Madonna Grammys Outfit
(Adriana M. Barraza/

Radar Online has the latest reports from the rehearsals for Madonna’s upcoming tour, and it seems that the notoriously demanding pop icon is more of a perfectionist than ever, and she often takes her frustrations out on her underlings.

“Madonna is a real piece of work,” one insider told Radar. “On Monday night, the dancers declared mutiny on Madonna because she is working them way too hard.

"One dancer even went so far as to take off his credentials, throw it in her face and say, ‘F*ck you. I quit!’ She had to call security to protect her and escort her remaining dancers out!”

It gets worse:

“On another occasion, one of her dancers broke her arm during rehearsals and instead of showing concern, Madonna had a nuclear meltdown. Everyone is required to wear black head-to-toe at all times and she has said, in her own words, that there are ‘no fat c*nts allowed in her presence.’

“Her ego is so over-inflated and she thinks that her staff are lucky to be in her presence. She been a complete nightmare to work for and the tour has not even started yet.”

Yes, if you break your arm in Madonna’s presence, she might call you a fat c-nt. We guess she wasn’t kidding when she labeled herself an "unapologetic b-tch."