Lamar Odom on Khloe Kardashian: She's My Soul Mate! We'll Never Part!

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If you thought Lamar Odom ambushing Khloe Kardashian outside of her SoulCycle class was creepy, just wait until you hear what he told a tabloid about his estranged wife.

The basketball player-turned-reality star-turned-stalker gave a surprisingly candid interview with In Touch and we're guessing it'll soon serve as Exhibit R in Khloe's request for a restraining order.

Lamar Odom Outside a Club

Not only does Lamar defend his decision to accost Khloe in a parking lot, he also gives off a serious Fatal Attraction vibe:

“A misunderstanding between me and my wife became public," Lamar said when asked about the SoulCycle incident.

"It’s hurtful. That woman is my wife. Without the ring on my finger. [Even] with her picture being taken with another man, that woman is my wife.

“She’s [my] soul mate. I can’t control it. We’ll never part. I would never consider myself serious with another woman. To sum it up, if a man is attempting to court Khloé, he’s probably wasting his time.”

Lamar added that seeing Khloe with other men “is weird. And the weirdest part about it is because I really know how she feels about me.”

In Touch says it met up with Lamar again the next day, but the interview was cut short when Odom "had to go lie down in a car."

Wow. So it sounds like Lamar is fully aware that Khloe is dating James Harden...but he's not planning to let that get in the way of his reconciliation with his "wife."

Yeah, that's how the creepiest stalkers talk. We hope Lamar gets help. But before that happens, we hope Khloe takes steps to keep him far, far away from her.

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