Lamar Odom Denies Stalking Khloe Kardashian, SLAMS Ex-Wife and TMZ

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Lamar Odom is speaking out in his own defense, adamantly denying that he stalked, ambushed or harassed Khloe Kardashian at SoulCycle yesterday.

TMZ broke the story, and ran photos, of Lamar ambushing Khloe Kardashian - supposedly - and trying to speak with her early Wednesday.

According to the celebrity news site, Lamar began screaming and demanding that Khloe talk with him in the parking lot. She kept on walking.

Lamar then allegedly touched her on the arm, leading the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star to scream and drawing plenty of attention.

"Get off me, get off of me! Stop! Stop!"

An onlooker offered to call the cops, which reportedly led the former NBA standout to shout, "You're not gonna call the police on Lamar Odom!"

Needless to say, the report does not make Lamar look good, but he tells a different story - and says he's crushed that Khloe won't back him up.

Khloe, he insists, knows what really happened, and that not only did he not stalk or harass her, but the "ambush" was pre-arranged. By her.

The meeting was Khloe's idea, he says, though he won't divulge what for (Khloe and Lamar divorced in July after nearly two years of separation).

In any case, Odom is rips--t pissed that he's being hung out to try, and threatens to spill secrets - again, he doesn't say what - if this happens again.

He then lamented his sad existence to TMZ, saying his life is over and he couldn't even get hired at Home Depot if he wanted to these days.

Referring to the rumors of womanizing and drug use that plagued him (see Lamar Odom crack video), he then accuses TMZ of being racist.

The website tries to instigate beef and stir the pot between stars, Odom alleges, yet it's only ones of color who get the raw end of the deal.

Yes, these are all actual quotes from Odom.

Whatever happened outside Khloe's SoulCycle facility, you have to feel for the guy at this point, being so rudderless, angry and despondent.

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