LaLa Anthony: Cheating on Carmelo Anthony With Random Rapper?

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In the five years since LaLa and Carmelo Anthony got married, they've developed a reputation as the rare celebrity couple that's not constantly plagued by divorce rumors.

Carmelo and LaLa Anthony

Unfortunately, that all changed this week when multiple sources reported that LaLa has recently been getting awfully friendly with a rapper named Maino.

The most reliable of these sources is none other than Maino's baby mama, who called LaLa out in brutal fashion on Instagram yesterday:

"Does your husband know that your hoe ass has been f--king my daughter's father?" anIG user with the handle iluvpatricele wrote on LaLa's page.

"You slept over his house the other night after the movies. A man that is with me and his family every damn night. How does it feel to be the slut responsible for his daughter never waking up to her father ever again!

"You can keep the clown cause we don’t want the bum n---a no more. All yours hoe.”

Like we said, harsh words. But is LaLa really cheating on Melo with Maino? 

There's very little in the way of hard evidence, but it's worth noting that this is not the first time that LaLa has been accused of infidelity.

In 2013, Anthony was suspended by the NBA after physically Kevin Garnett for allegedly taunting him about LaLa's cheating.

The altercation stands out in the minds of many basketball fans, as it reportedly started with Garnett's claim that LaLa "tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios."

So is LaLa really part of some other dude's complete breakfast or is she saving all her honey for Melo? We get the feeling the truth will come out soon enough.

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