Kylie Jenner Tattoo: Revealed! Completely Overshadowed By Side Boob!

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Kylie Jenner recently revealed that she got her first ever tattoo as she continues to wild out hardcore following her 18th birthday earlier this month.

See it here ... if you can avert your eyes from the epic Kylie Jenner side boob that for many was the focal point of the image she posted on Instagram:

Kylie Jenner Side Boob Photo

It's not as if she was sitting at home, leading a boring or uninteresting, unfulfilling life before she became a legal adult on August 10.

Far from it. But man alive, Kylie has been going BUCK since the big 1-8, flaunting every available curve, her boyfriend Tyga, and her ink.

She had a lot to get off her chest ... and we don't mean clothes. Which she also gets off her chest very effectively, but we mean figuratively.

Anyway, the tattoo: It's up there, boy. The little red thing adjacent to the supple breast you're drooling over right now? Shaped like a heart?

Yes, that mark on her arm. It's almost sweet and innocent; only the Kendall Jenner tattoo we recently saw is more inconspicuous.

Gotta love the progression of Kylizzle in the past few weeks alone, and it begs the inevitable question for those following her career:

Will the Kylie Jenner sex tape be released ASAP, or will she wait six months or a year before the fervor dies down, then "leak" it?

Either way, here's a little preview of what you're in for:

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