Kylie Jenner: Plastic Surgery Intervention Staged By Family?

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In case you somehow haven't heard, Kylie Jenner is 18 now.

In the eyes of the law, she can do anything she wants, including date a 25-year-old rapper and go under the knife to alter her appearance.

Of course, that's not really a big deal, as she's been doing both of those things for at least the past year.

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Her relationship with Tyga is still on the down-low, but Kylie has confessed to getting lip injections and plastic surgeons who have analyzed her photos have speculated that she's had extensive work done that she's not yet admitted to.

Obviously, her parents signed off on all this, but now her entire family is reportedly growing concerned.

Not about her creepy boyfriend - they're weirdly cool with that. No, according to Radar Online, Kylie's sisters feel she's taken plastic surgery too far, and they're begging her to stop before it's too late.

“Kylie’s older sisters told her that she needs to stop getting work done because she doesn’t even look like the same person anymore,” says one insider.

“Her sisters had to confront her about it because enough is enough. She just started with one procedure and then it snowballed into an obsession and everyone is really worried that she will go too far and regret it big time.”

The source says Kylie's obsession with cosmetic surgery began when her sister Kendall started landing modeling gigs:

“Kylie was always the quiet and reserved one out of those girls. But after Kendall shot to stardom she refused to be referred to as ‘the ugly one’ and that is how it all began.”

Well, we certainly doubt that anyone's calling her "the ugly one" these days. However, they might be calling her the one who's growing up much, much too fast.

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