Kylie Jenner Flaunts Major Side-Boob on Instagram

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Now that Kylie Jenner is 18 years old, she's taken to posting some seriously racy selfies on Instagram.

Oh, wait...Kylie always posted racy selfies

Really, not much has changed other than the fact that she's no longer working quite as hard to hide her relationship with Tyga.

Even so, this side-boob selfie (shout-out to nipple tape!) is pretty shocking even by Kylie's standards.

Kylie Jenner Side Boob Photo

Another quarter-inch of skin, and that wouldn't be side-boob; it would just be boob.

We assume Kylie was getting ready for some sort of event here (Her 18th birthday celebration is now in its second week.), but it's possible she just felt like posing in the mirror for her fans.

She captioned the pic merely, "Red," which is what the dads of most teenagers would be seeing after finding a pic like this online, but Kylie's parents have bigger plummeting reality show ratings.

Anyway, we imagine you'll be seeing a lot more of this kind of thing on Kylie's social media pages.

But hey, you've gotta give the girl credit for showing some restraint.

Kylie has received porn offers in the eight-figure range, but thus far, she's shown no interest.

Thankfully, she's abiding by Instagram's no-nipple policy, so if she ever has a change of heart about making a "sex tape," we're sure plenty of pervs will still be interested.

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