Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner Flaunt Bikini Bodies: Forget Our Faces!

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Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner are currently in St. Bart's with their famous family, enjoying the sun and the beach and doing what they do best:

Taking inappropriate selfies!

Jenner Bikini Bodies

We know, we know: Kylie Jenner is now 18 years old, so how can any selfie be inappropriate?

Just consider all Kylie can now legally do, right? 

Sure, kind of. Sort of. But just consider the message being sent here by Kylie and Kendall, who apparently don't feel it's important to even include their faces in this photo.

"We woke up in paradise too," Kylie captioned the image, although she might as well have just written:

Hey! Look at our boobs! And our taut tummies! And our sleek legs! And our bikini lines! Because, really, what else matters in life?!?

For the record, Kendall is the one in the green swimsuit, while Kylie is rocking the black-and-white number.

Not that the girls seem to even care if you know which is which, just that they have boobs and a sleek stomach.

And not that these young women are strangers to inappropriate photos overall, as evidenced first here...

... and then also here:

Kim Kardashian must be so proud of her little sisters!

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