Kendra on Top Sneak Peeks: Who's Cheating Now?!?

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Kendra Wilkinson recently said that reality TV saved her marriage.

But the star's relationship with Hank Baskett sure looks to be on the rocks in the following pair of Kendra on Top sneak peeks.

First, as you can see above, Kendra talks to Hank about having patience and how she's gone through so much and whether or not he thinks she's an "ugly soul" and... 

... okay. We're not entirely sure what's going on in this clip. But the couple doesn't look happy, that's for certain.

It gets worse from there, however.

Up next, as teased in the initial Kendra on Top Season 4 trailer, Wilkinson is intent on having some fun of her own this summer.

It's the least she deserves after dealing with rumors that Baskett may have received manual stimulation, to the point of orgasm, from a transgender model named Ava London, right?

That infidelity accusation has hovered over Hank and Kendra for over a year now.

So Kendra jets off to London, only to receive a phone call from Hank about a picture of her seemingly smooching some dude on the dance floor the evening before.

How does Kendra respond to this cheating allegation? Not in any way that comforts her husband:

After seeing these stars at each other's throats on Marriage Boot Camp over the past few weeks, those who watch Kendra on Top online beginning this Friday will see Wilkinson and Baskett try to regroup.

Can their union be saved? Will Kendra take her vengeance too far? Will anyone ever figure out the proper way to spell "WEtv?"

Tune in. Find out!

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