Jessa Duggar Speaks on Josh Duggar Scandals: Keep Your Focus and Trust God!

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Jessa Duggar, like the rest of her family, is reeling from back to back mega-scandals involving her brother Josh, but says nothing can shake her faith.

Ben, Jessa and Baby Seewald (28 Weeks)

"You just have to keep your focus and trust God," Jessa, 22, said Saturday afternoon at the Southern Women's Show in Charlotte, N.C.

Despite protesters at her speaking engagement, Mrs. Ben Seewald was there promoting her book Growing Up Duggar: It's all About Relationships.

"You have to stay true to yourself and your foundation," Jessa's husband Ben, 20, added when asked how his family has coped with the scandals.

Since Josh admitted to past "wrongdoing" - molesting Jessa, Jill Duggar and other siblings - his victims have been among his vocal supporters.

It's unclear if their feelings have changed now that they know about Josh Duggar's double life of online dating, porn and rough sex with strippers.

That probably didn't go over well, we're guessing.

Jessa and Ben weren't asked about Josh in such blunt terms, and are not likely to publicly sell him out, even after he torpedoed a mini-TV empire.

For now, they are focused on preparations.

For their first child's arrival, that is; #BabySeewald is due in just two months, on the couple's first wedding anniversary, November 1, in fact.

Jessa and Ben have opted not reveal the sex of their baby prior to its birth, though an ultrasound pic fueled rumors that Jessa is expecting twins.

As for the people who flocked to Jessa's event this weekend? Despite Josh's behavior, they remain supportive of his younger sister.

"I just had to come back today to give Jessa a hug," Joli Anne Osgood of Concord, N.C., told People of coming to see her in person.

"My heart breaks for his family, they are paying the price for one person's mistakes. I feel they are all being criticized and persecuted."

"Parents can do everything right and kids can still make mistakes ... we are all just people. We are human and we make mistakes."

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