Jessa Duggar Sounds Off on Cecil the Lion, Abortion

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In the wake of the shocking Josh Duggar sexual abuse scandal, Jessa Duggar defended her older brother in rather bizarre fashion.

She admitted that Josh had touched her inappropriately, but she also stated that he was a "sly" molester who left no trace, so to speak.

In other words, he groped his sisters in such a way that they were unaware that they were being abused ... so it wasn't that bad?

While that may be Jessa's most controversial remark to date, anyone who follows her knew it would be far from her last ...

Jessa Duggar Baby Bump Photo: 22 Weeks!
Jessa Duggar Cecil Cartoon

The 22-year-old expectant mother has never been one to worry about pissing off critics. Take Jessa's latest tweet, for example, above.

The cartoon, of course, mocks the controversy over the killing of Cecil the lion by Walter Palmer, an American hunting in Zimbabwe.

Clearly, Jessa is suggesting that instead of making one lion into a martyr, the world should be focused on more important issues.

You know, such as reproductive rights.

Like the rest of her family, Jessa is vehemently, proudly pro-life and once even compared abortion to the Holocaust on Instagram.

Her family members used Black History Month to push their anti-abortion agenda as well, so this is nothing new for the Duggars.

We like to keep things light and gossipy around here, so we won't get into the abortion debate, but we will take issue with this:

Jessa's argument that concern over the killing of protected animals for sport somehow distracts from more pressing matters is bogus.

You could easily go to ESPN's website and comment, "Who cares that the Yankees play the Red Sox tonight?! ISIS is on the move!"

Doing so would demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding of human beings' ability to care about more than one thing at a time, of course.

Like, we could say, "Jessa shouldn't you be spending less time tweeting and more time helping your husband find a real job now that your family's reality show has been canceled?"

That would be dumb, though, because there's clearly enough time in the day to do both.

Seriously, though, we hope Ben Seewald is looking for a legit gig that can support a family, because that baby is on its way, and it doesn't  like the Duggars will be back on TV any time soon.

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