Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Wedding Details: You Won't Believe Who Wasn't Invited!

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As you've probably heard by now, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got married last night a super secretive ceremony at their Bel Air mansion.

Jen attempted to disguise the shindig as a party for Justin's upcoming birthday, but the presence of a tall cake and a clergyman holding a Bible kinda gave things away. 

Aniston and Theroux's road to the altar has been a long and bumpy one, but now the news has been confirmed and the actors are finally man and wife. 

Naturally, the ceremony was a star-studded affair, attended by Howard Stern, Ellen DeGeneres, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Lisa Kudrow and, of course, Aniston's best friend Chelsea Handler.

But it's the news of who didn't attend that has the celebrity gossip world buzzing today.

Radar Online has confirmed that Jen's mom, Nancy Dow Aniston, was not invited to the wedding. In fact, she says she wasn't even aware that her daughter was getting hitched!

Even so, when asked for a comment, Nancy had nothing but kind words about Jen and her new husband:

“I think it’s wonderful!” Dow said. “Anything I say about Jennifer is super supportive.”

Something tells us Nancy was saying those words through gritted teeth.

Jennifer and her mom have had a strained relationship for years, and Nancy basically burned the bridge when she published a scathing tell-all about Jen back in 1999.

Interestingly, when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married last year, Angie's dad Jon Voight was not invited. Looks like Aniston and Jolie have more in common than just their taste in men!

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