Jared Fogle: Subway Knew About Sexual Abuse, Source Claims

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As you've probably heard by now, former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle has admittedĀ to soliciting sex from several underage girls and will soon finalize a plea deal that will require him to serve five years in prison.

Once the case went public, multiple whistleblowers came forward with stories about how they had spent years trying to alert authorities and Subway executives to Fogle's inappropriate behavior toward young girls.

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Now, one former Subway franchise owner is claiming that she has proof that higher-ups at the massive fast food chain were aware of the allegations against Fogle as far back as 2008, yet did nothing to look into the matter.

Cindy Mills owned a Subway location in Pensacola, Florida for several years, and her participation in promotional events brought her into contact with Fogle.

Mills tells a story similar to that of the reporter who says FogleĀ told her "middle school girls are hot."

The 37-year-old pitchman allegedly made similar comments to Mills and admitted to paying a 16-year-old girl for sex. He also pressured Mills to offer sexual services on Craigslist and introduce him to her teenage cousin.

Mills says she forwarded the illicit text message exchanges to several Subway executives and received no response.

Subway has yet to respond to requests for comment from several media outlets. Interestingly, the sandwich chain is celebrating its 50th anniversary today.

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