Jared Fogle Accused of Trying to Pay Children For Sex WHILE He Was Being Investigated!

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As we reported earlier, Jared Fogle has pled guilty to 14 counts of soliciting sex from a minor, and under the terms of his plea deal, the former Subway spokesman will serve 5 years in prison.

Fogle's troubles began last month when his home was raided by federal authorities in connection with a child porn investigation.

One would think that as the suspect in such an investigation Fogle would at least temporarily curb his illegal activities.

However, Radar Online is now reporting that Fogle continued seeking out teenage sex partners as the FBI was conducting its probe. 

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The site claims that authorities have evidence of Fogle offering two underage girls money in exchange for sex on June 23.

The alleged incident occurred more than one month after Fogle's friend and employee, Russell Taylor, was arrested for secretly filming nude children in his home and producing child porn.

Sources say that Fogle would have been aware that he was under investigation at the time, but he was apparently unconcerned about the possibility of getting caught.

Earlier today, we learned that Fogle's wife has filed for divorce in response to the charges. 

At this point, the best case scenario for the once-popular pitchman is a five-year sentence, but he may receive more than that, if additional charges arise.

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