Jake Gyllenhaal and Dakota Johnson: Dating?!

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According to the tabloids, Jake Gyllenhaal is really getting around these days.

Last week, we reported that Jake Gyllenhaal and Susan Sarandon had formed one of the awesomest, most unlikely couples in Hollywood history, now, it seems he's moved on to someone a bit (Read: 43 years) younger.

The two actors briefly dated several years ago, but now Radar Online is reporting that Jake and Dakota are an item once again. 

Dakota Johnson Red Carpet Pic
Jake Gyllenhaal in a Tux

Several witnesses claim the two enjoyed an intimate dinner in Hollywood over the weekend and then attempted to slip out of the restaurant unnoticed:

“Jake and Dakota were accompanied at their table by different people throughout the night — including the owner of the bar [that’s] so inaccessible to the public that it doesn’t even have a name,” says one onlooker.

“They left the venue through separate exits, Johnson out the front and Gyllenhaal via a back door...[they] glancing back at other as if they were getting away with something.”

It might sound like just another notch on Jake's bedpost, but sources close to Gyllenhaal say he's regarded Johnson as "the one that got away" ever since they broke up four years ago.

Perhaps the notorious ladies man has finally found the one.

Either way, Taylor Swift will continue to avoid Gyllenhaal wherever he goes.

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