Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale: WTH Happened?!?

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Yet another celebrity marriage has bit the dust.

As announced via your typical statement in these situations, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale confirmed their impending divorce on Monday after 13 years of matrimony.

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Where did things go wrong for the parents of Kingston, Zuma and Apollo?

While the split may seem sudden to celebrity gossip followers, an insider tells Us Weekly it was "a long time coming."

"It only looks sudden, but everything was worked out months ago so paperwork could be filed and the marriage could be ended quickly and easily,” this source says of Stefani and Rossdale.

TMZ, meanwhile, says Stefani was upset that Rossdale was on tour for so long between December and March of this year... and also thinks he may have cheated on her.

The musicians, it's worth noting, were last photographed out with their children in Los Angeles on July 12.

The issues between the artists actually date back more than a year and half, to before Apollo entered the world in early 2014.

“Things were rocky before then but they tried to make the marriage work,” the magazine writes. “But it just couldn’t. A lot of the feeling was gone.”

Both Stefani and Rossdale cited irreconcilable differences in their divorce documents and are seeking joint custody of their kids.

They also plan to divide their assets equally, according to the tabloid, who adds that they did not have a prenuptial agreement.

So things seem very amicable at the moment... but we said the same thing about Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert at first.

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