Duggars' TV Careers "Basically Over" Following Latest Josh Scandal, Source Says

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After the cancelation of 19 Kids and Counting last month, many Duggar fans remained hopeful that the family would eventually return to television.

They reasoned that the Josh Duggar molestation scandal shouldn't prevent the disgraced 27-year-old's parents and 18 siblings from continuing to appear in television.

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First, there were rumors of a spinoff starring Jill and Jessa. Then we learned that Michelle and Jim Bob hoped to counsel sexual abuse victims on their own TLC series. 

But now, according to People magazine, the chance of the Duggars returning to television in any format is basically non-existent:

"It was pretty improbable that there were going to be any specials on any of the Duggars anyway," says one insider. "But now, with this, there's virtually no chance. It's basically just over now." 

Yes, the revelation that Josh Duggar used an Ashley Madison account to try and cheat on his wife was apparently the nail in the coffin for the Duggar brand.

Considering Josh paid for and actively used his Ashley Madison account for over two years, many believe his efforts to cheat may have been successful, and there might be a mistress out there just waiting to tell her story.

If that turns out to be true, it would be the latest in a long line of embarrassments for the once-beloved TV family.

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