Duggar Family: New, Bizarre Sex Teachings Revealed!

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In the wake of the Josh Duggar molestation scandal, the Duggar family's controversial teachings regarding sex and relationships came under close scrutiny.

Now, following Josh's admission that he cheated on his wife and suffers from an "addiction" to pornography, new details about the 19 Kids and Counting clan's bizarre beliefs are coming to light.

A family insider tells People magazine, to the surprise of no one:

"They don't talk about sex. They don't talk about sexuality."

"Jim Bob's favorite word is 'no.' He's like a dictator. He once saw a guy kissing a girl before marriage and confronted him about it."

"And the guy said, 'Jim Bob, show me that verse in the Bible that says we can't kiss. Get out your Bible.' And Jim Bob was like, 'Uhhhh...'"

"Because no one ever confronts Jim Bob. No one."

The insider says that the family is so concerned with suppressing sexual thoughts that Jim Bob has developed a code word for just such an occasion.

In other words, when he wants his sons that they must avert their eyes from a passing female, he issues this intense verbal warning.

The source claims that when the word "Nike" is uttered, all male Duggars are required to cast their eyes downward. Seriously:

"They say it, and all the boys look straight down to the floor every time. It's like an automatic military thing. Things like that blow my mind." 

Training begins young, and gets even more bizarre than that.

Jim Bob even removes the batteries from any toys that make music, "because he didn't want [his kids] to dance or move their bodies that way." 

As for the possibility of Anna Duggar divorcing Josh, the insider says it's highly unlikely, as her only social interaction is with her in-laws.

That would entail her receiving advice from regular people.

"I don't know who is talking to Anna, outside of the people in Duggarville," says the source, in what may be the saddest statement of all.

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