Brad Pitt: "Thrilled" About Jennifer Aniston's Wedding, Source Claims

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Last week, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got married in a low-key ceremony in the backyard of the couple's Bel-Air mansion.

As more details emerged, we learned that Courteney Cox served as matron of honor, while Jen's male Friends co-stars didn't even receive invitations.

That was something of a shock, but we don't think anyone was remotely surprised to learn that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were not among the celebrities in attendance.

Brad Pitt at Maleficent Premiere
Jennifer Aniston at Golden Globes Party

You may recall that Pitt and Aniston's marriage didn't end on the greatest terms (He abruptly left her, and then proceeded to start a small nation with Jolie.), and it's rumored that more than a decade later, the two are still not on speaking terms.

Even so, sources say Brad couldn't be happier that Jen has finally found someone.

Pitt has yet to issue a statement on the nuptials (and he likely never will), but an insider for the actor and father of six says he's "absolutely thrilled for Jen's happiness."

That makes sense. Jen being married probably somewhat helps to alleviate the guilt that Brad's felt for the past ten years, but it really shouldn't.

Dude, she went from Brad Pitt to Justin Theroux. That's like going from playing in the major leagues to...marrying some skinny-jeaned, middle-aged hipster who starred in a couple David Lynch movies. We're not great at analogies.

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