Bobbi Kristina Brown Funeral Details: A Shocking Fight and a Heartbreaking Finale

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Earlier today, Bobbi Kristina Brown's funeral was held at St. James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Sadly, what was meant to be a loving tribute to a life lost far too soon turned into another battle between the feuding families of her mother and father, as Bobbi Kristina's paternal aunt, Leolah Brown, was ejected from the service following a bizarre outburst.

As Krissi's maternal aunt, Pat Houston, took the podium to speak, Leolah reportedly stood and shouted, "Pat, you know you are wrong for this!"

Witnesses say she was swiftly escorted from the church by a security team.

Unfortunately, Leolah's tirade didn't end there, as she made a series of strange comments to reporters that had assembled outside.

"I told her that Whitney is going to haunt her from the grave," Leolah told the press.

Asked if Bobbi Kristina's death would signal the end of the feud between the Brown and Houston families, Leolah replied, "It's just getting started."

Insiders close to the situation expect the families to engage in a fight for Bobbi Kristina's fortune that could drag on for years.

Those in attendance say that the funeral proceeded without incident following Leolah's removal.

The service ended with a recording of Krissi's mother, Whitney Houston, singing "Jesus Loves Me."

Krissi's father, Bobby Brown, did not speak, but he reportedly wrote a stirring message in the funeral's program, which concluded, "I also will always love you," a reference to one of Whitney's most famous songs.

Though Krissi's boyfriend Nick Gordon had requested the right to mourn alongside her family, sources say he was not in attendance.

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