Bobbi Kristina Brown: Buried Next to Whitney Houston in Small Private Ceremony

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Moments ago, Bobbi Kristina Brown was buried next to her mother in a family plot in at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey.

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The burial follows months of turmoil surrounding the 22-year-old's final days and tragic death.

Though she lapsed into a coma back in January, Krissi has remained in the headlines, as her family clashed over everything from the proper course of treatment to the most equitable way to divide her fortune.

Tensions bubbled over during Bobbi Kristina's funeral over the weekend when her aunt Leolah Brown was ejected by security following a bizarre outburst.

Sadly, Krissi suffered a final indignity today, as several media outlets are reporting that a photo of Bobbi Kristina in her casket was sold to an undisclosed tabloid for $100,000.

Sources say the photo had to be taken by an attendee at the funeral. An investigation is under way to find out who.

A police escort prevented from fans and reporters from getting too close to today's burial, but those in attendance say distant well-wishers shouted words of support and expressed their grief over the loss of such a young life. 

Just three years ago, the Houston family gathered in the same spot to bid farewell to Bobbi's legendary mother, Whitney Houston.

Sources say Krissi's father, Bobby Brown, has been inconsolable in the wake of his daughter's death.

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