Tom Brady: NFL Upholds Suspension, Accuses QB of Destroying Evidence

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Good news for fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars and Dallas Cowboys:

Your teams won't have to worry about facing a title-defending Tom Brady early in the 2015 NFL season. (Although frankly, we doubt that'll save you, Jacksonville.)

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has decided to uphold Brady's four-game suspension that was handed down as a result of the quarterback's alleged role in last year's DeflateGate scandal.

Brady and the Patriots have appealed, and even level-headed modern-day Solomon Donald Trump believes Brady was treated unfairly, but in a move that's surprised many, the league is sticking with its initial decision.

In a statement released today, the NFL stated that one of the reasons it's upholding the suspension is the belief that Brady intentionally concealed evidence by destroying a cell phone that was requested by investigators.

"At the hearing, Mr. Brady testified that it is his practice to destroy (or to give to his assistant to destroy) his cellphone and SIM cards when he gets a new cell phone," the statement reads.

Of course, this is a common practice among public figures; the phone was destroyed before investigators requested it, and there's no league rule against destruction of personal property.

So needless to say, the appeal process is far from over, and the league will now likely face off against Brady and NFLPA in court.

Let's hope it ends better than the last time a Patriot went to court.

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