The Real Housewives of New York City Season 7 Episode 15 Recap: SO Uncool

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Last night on The Real Housewives of New York City Season 7 Episode 15, some of the ladies' late night antics were called into question.

Below, we recap that and everything else that went down ...

Bearing the brunt of the ladies venom is a rite of passage on The Real Housewives of New York City.  Last week, it was Ramona in the hot seat after she ditched her friends to flirt with a guy.

This week, the spotlight was on Heather.  And her emotional antics have made her RHONYC’s public enemy number one.

Picking up where last week’s episode left off, Dorinda stormed out of a Turks and Caicos restaurant in tears after viciously debating with Heather about whether or not the f-bomb is classy.

Yes, that was a real fight.

The fight started with LuAnn criticizing Heather for using the f—k word.  But it unraveled into a battle between Heather and Dorinda.

Dorinda, who finds the eff bomb “offensive” stormed out of the restaurant after repeatedly screaming f—k.  

Clearly, Dorinda had three too many dirty martinis.

Even though LuAnn started the fight, she didn’t do anything to resolve it.  As Sonja said, LuAnn “will slither right in there, tee it off, then slither back in her shadow.”

Strangely, it was Heather, who was defending herself from Dorinda’s drunken antics, that followed a sobbing and screaming Dorinda out of the restaurant to comfort her.

They got the f—k fight resolved with a hug, and it was like nothing ever happened.

Dorinda perked up and asked to go dancing—a natural response after a public meltdown.  So the ladies, sans Heather and Carole, went out drinking.

And that’s when sh*t really hit the fan.

Heather woke up the next morning to a naked man in the room adjacent to hers.  If I had found my girlfriend’s naked strange, I would high five her and make a cup of coffee.

Of course, though, it didn’t go down that way.  Heather freaked out and started crying.

It’s a good thing Heather wasn’t around the last three years when I would wake up every Saturday and Sunday morning to my roommate’s revolving, random men in our house.

Heather and Carole accosted each of the ladies to uncover who brought the guy home.

It turned out that LuAnn brought some dudes back to their vacation rental.  Ramona had her fun with one, and sent him on his way upstairs so she didn’t have to sleep next to him.  

“What if she sent him up here with blue balls?  He could have spanked his monkey looking at us,” Heather cried.

It’s a valid point, but I’m not sure if it was worth the emotional meltdown that ensued.  Certainly, she has the right to be angry because there is an inherent risk.  But to sob?

On one hand, it is easy to understand that past trauma could trigger Heather’s meltdown.  But her prickly demeanor over the course of the last few episodes begs the question, is she just looking for a fight?

Despite Heather’s dramatic episode, what was the most off-putting about the fight was LuAnn’s reaction. 

During the eff you fight, LuAnn mentioned that little girls should grow up to be elegant.  And she has spent seven seasons attempting to live up to her “Countess” namesake.

But when Heather confronted LuAnn about bringing a random dude home, LuAnn replied that it doesn’t matter.

“Be cool,” LuAnn said to Heather.  “Don’t be, like, all uncool.”

Now, I’m not here to judge.  If LuAnn and Ramona want to ride it, have at it.  But it is hypocritical of LuAnn to criticize Heather’s elegance and class for using the f-word, while she is hooking up with a random dude.

The house manager of their vacation rental even dished that LuAnn’s dude was married, and LuAnn played it off as if it didn’t matter.

It does matter, LuAnn.  Clearly, money didn't buy you class.

Though Ramona was actually the one guilty of letting her strange roam the house, she didn’t own up to it until they were back in New York City.

A large portion of this season has been devoted to witnessing Ramona’s transformation into singledom.  The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else, Ramona.  Don’t be shy.

The episode ended with Kristen’s lame “demin and diamonds” party.  Kristen invited the housewives over to bedazzle jeans that will later be auctioned off for charity.

Sure, it’s for a good cause.  But it was really lame.  Who would pay for a pair of jeans bedazzled by Dorinda Medley?

Who wears bedazzled jeans???

The party turned into a brief spat between Bethenny and Kristen.

Bethenny’s publicist informed her that Kristen had talked about Bethenny to the media.  And anyone who has followed Bethenny’s tv career knows that she does not like it when her cast mates talk about her to the press.

Kristen claimed her comments were taken out of context and that when she said “don’t judge a book by its cover” that she was actually complimenting Bethenny.

Bethenny informed Kristen that she likes to keep her life private and that she is closed off.  That’s why she is on a reality television show?

As quickly as Heather and Dorinda resolved their issue in Turks and Caicos, so did Bethenny and Kristen.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a vulnerable side to Bethenny,” Kristen remarked.  And just like that, the feud ended.  For now…

Kristen has not been a favorite since her inaugural episode—not with viewers or the other housewives.

But she seems to be slowly making her place in the RHONYC’s circle of drama.  And her blabbering to the media might be what it takes to see Kristen in the hot seat next week.

We’re just guessing…

While at the bedazzling party, Heather and LuAnn revisited their fight about the naked man in Turks and Caicos.

LuAnn, after thinking about the situation and how important she thinks she is, accused Heather of barging in her room trying to catch her in an illicit sexual act.

If LuAnn were as relevant as she believes herself to be, that might be true.

And for the third time in one episode, the ladies kissed and made up.  Heather and LuAnn squashed their drama and returned to the bedazzling event.

However, the preview for next week shows Heather and Dorinda fighting again.  So Heather’s tour of the hot seat isn’t over just yet.

Will Heather find her self as the most hated housewife?  Or will this just be another boring case of mood swings and fickle friends?

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