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Teresa Giudice is officially more than halfway through her 15-month prison sentence (She began serving in January, but will likely qualify for early release sometime before the end of 2015.), but it looks like the Jersey Housewife will have plenty of problems waiting for her on the outside.

In addition to the fact that husband Joe Giudice will begin his 41-month sentence soon after her release, the Giudices are reportedly completely broke.

Sources say Teresa will be allowed to return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but the government will seize roughly a quarter of her salary.

To make matters worse, Teresa’s husband is reportedly enjoying his final months of freedom a bit too much.

Joe Giudice was busted for cheating again this week, and despite the fact that he’s making little effort to hid his infidelities and taking his side-pieces to Teresa’s favorite restaurants, the incarcerated reality star simply refuses to see the light.

“Joe has told Teresa there is nothing going on, and she has nothing to worry about, an inside source tells Radar Online. “And Teresa blindly believes him, even as her friends tell her that something unsavory is going on.

“Teresa will always stand by Joe publicly, even to her friends. It’s just a very sad situation because it’s obvious to so many in their circle of friends that Joe is playing her.”

Yes, but at this point, we’re not exactly surprised. “Sad situation” is pretty much Teresa’s middle name.