Teen Mom 2 Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: So. Much. Arguing.

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Last night on an explosive Teen Mom 2 Season 6 Episode 3, three of the four stars had it out with their partners, and boy did it get ugly.

So ugly that divorce looked imminent for more than one couple, while a recent engagement was nearly left in tatters as well. Let's recap:

If there's one thing we know in life, and celebrity gossip, is that Adam Lind will always be a factor when you watch Teen Mom 2 online.

Even though things are going great with Chelsea Houska and new beau Cole DeBoer, Lind is always the dark cloud hanging over her.

Lind is somehow battling Houska for custody of their daughter - most likely to lower his child support obligations - but is failing hard.

Not only does he get arrested like it's his job, he can't even stick to the current pact in which his parents must supervise his visits.

“After he got arrested I text his mom and I’m like, ‘I just don’t feel comfortable with [Aubree] going alone with him at all,’” Chelsea said.

Cut to various shots of Adam and Chelsea awkwardly dancing around this subject, often times with Aubree present. Less than ideal.

We doubt it's any consolation for Chelsea, but Leah Messer has it worse, as her ex-husband Corey Simms fights for custody as well.

Moreover, her current husband, Jeremy Calvert, came home from working out of town and grilled her about the mess in their car.

“If we have a wreck, the amount of s--t in this god damned car is going to kill these kids,” Calvert stated, a bit overdramatically.

“Why would you even say such a god-dammed thing?” Leah shouted. “No that’s f--king ridiculous. You can’t deal with coming home."

"You cannot deal with coming home.”

Her three girls (two of whom are Corey's) of course, were listening to all of this and Jeremy continued to give her a hard time.

Leah screamed, “Leave me alone. Can you shut up? God, you don’t know what it’s like. You don’t know. You know what f—k you!”

Things aren’t looking good, clearly.

“I’m going to put the girls on birth control at 13 whether they like it or not,” Leah said ... hopefully she'll start with herself in the interim.

Kailyn Lowry had a lot on her plate as well, with ex Jo Rivera talking about moving to be closer to Isaac, and her own marital problems.

She and Javi Marroquin went to counseling, but when Javi found out that Kailyn followed a guy named Mike on Instagram, he blew up.

The cameras somehow did not catch this (lame!) but it was bad. “He said he was done and that it’s over,” Kailyn told a friend via phone.

Javi returned after only a few hours to work things out, saying he had to leave to get some space and cool off. But Lowry wasn't happy.

"When you left you said you were done,” she shouted at him. “If we’re happier divorced, then that’s what we need to do for our kids.”

Wow. Also missed by the MTV cameras this week? The fight between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith, right after he proposed!

From what we understand, Nathan’s friend insulted Jenelle Evans, he didn’t come to her defense, and things got very, very heated.

“The whole trip was supposed to be for the engagement but then it’s like everyone ended up ganging up on me,” Jenelle lamented.

“Stop it!” Nathan said, quietly but sort of threateningly, and later, when the two were driving to her lawyer's office, s--t just blew up.

“Your son, not my problem,” Nathan said.

“Stop acting like a bitch! You do this all the time to me,” Jenelle snapped back at him through tears as her finace stormed off.

Later, he called to apologize.

“I seriously can’t do with the yelling anymore,” Nathan said, adding that if she weren't a woman he would've beaten her a-- basically.

Seriously. His quote: “I thought ‘If God did not grace her with a vagina through her legs, I would have knocked you through the wall.'"

"We need to go to counseling. I grew up in a broken house. I know you grew up in a broken house. I don’t want that for our kids.”

No one does, but can these two pull it together long enough to avoid that? They can't even go a week without an epic argument.

As for custody of her first-born son Jace, who lives with her mom Barbara ... as of this episode they weren't even on speaking terms.

A day in the life ...

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