Scott Disick: Banned from Kardashian Mansion!

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According to a new report, Scott Disick is not a total deadbeat dad.

No, the reality star has not seen his kids in over a month.

No, he did not attend Penelope's third birthday party last week and his message to her was very odd and impersonal.

But Disick totally talks to his children on Facetime!

According to TMZ insiders, Disick and Kardashian are a “disaster” at the moment.

The latter, of course, dumped the former earlier this month after Scott spent many days partying with ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli in southern France.

The stars, who were together for nine years and who are the parents to three adorable children, cannot even be in the same room together without things going totally nuclear.

As a result, Disick is no longer on the list in the gated community where Kourtney lives.

He cannot drive up and simply gain entry to the family compound.

But Kourtney is not evil. She wants her kids to remain on contact with their father, even if everyone agrees Disick should be in rehab.

Therefore, Kardashian helps facilitate Disick’s contact with five-year old Mason and three-year old Penelope.

She does not speak badly of him in front of the kids and she wants them to maintain a relationship with her ex-lover.

That's sweet and that is definitely the right sentiment. Let's hope Scott doesn't make Kourtney regret it.

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