Nick Gordon: Bobbi Kristina Brown Murder Motive Revealed?

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Investigators looking into Bobbi Kristina Brown's partner Nick Gordon may have revealed a possible motive for harming her on January 31.

Nick and Bobbi

As Bobbi Kristina remains in hospice care, police are reportedly investigating Gordon for murder in the tragic case. What have they found?

According to a new report citing sources close to the case, they believe he may have erupted upon learning she planned to dump him.

“That was Nick Gordon’s motive for murder!” the source said.

A bit of a stretch. Undoubtedly. But the insider continues, “If Bobbi Kristina left Nick, it would have destroyed everything he had."

"Nick was living a lie, telling the world he was Bobbi Kristina’s husband when in fact they were never even married."

"There’s no question Nick didn’t want Bobbi Kristina to leave him. He may have never intended to kill her, but no doubt they argued.”

Witnesses have reportedly come forward who can confirm that the 22-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston wanted to leave Nick.

The day she was found face down in a water-filled tub, Bobbi Kristina was supposed to meet “someone” to discuss a "revelation."

Investigators have speculated that the "someone" was good friend Sarah “Bess” Beckmann and the topic was Gordon-related.

We'll never know for sure, though, as Krissie - whose estate has filed a lawsuit against Nick - never showed up for the meeting.

Gordon has been served with legal papers accusing him of physically and financially abusing the ailing Bobbi Kristina for years.

For his part, Nick allegedly told a relative that Bobbi Kristina was high and drunk and "just did too much" that fateful morning.

Moreover, it's his contention that any injuries she was found with are consistent with a car crash she was in days before - not abuse.

He has not been charged with a crime.

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