Mackenzie McKee Sex Tape: In Existence!

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How is this for irony?

Back in May, Mackenzie McKee went off on fellow Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham after the latter accused the former of using crowd-sourcing to pay for breast enhancement.

In her angry denial of this allegation, McKee referred to Abraham as a "porn star" and laid into the backdoor queen for "opening [her] legs on camera."

This is an obvious reference to the infamous Farrah Abraham sex tape, but here's the thing: a Mackenzie McKee sex tape also exists!!!!!

Mackenzie McKee Pic

TMZ confirms that Vivid Entertainment has somehow acquired McKee’s raunchy footage, though there is a difference between her amateur porn and the one Farrah pushed to make public:

Mackenzie is supposedly adamant that no one ever sees her videotaped boning.

TMZ is in possession of a letter Mackenzie's attorney sent to Vivid, which acknowledges the existence of a naughty tape … but which warns that she will file a lawsuit unless it remains private.

On the legal front, Vivid needs permission from any participant before it can put a sex tape on the market.

For now, therefore, the only Mackenzie McKee video that has gone viral is this amazing rap about Diabetes awareness.

If the price ends up being right, however, does anyone doubt the Teen Mom may soon be included in the following gallery?

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