Mackenzie McKee: Dumped By Husband Over Sex Tape?!

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Mackenzie McKee is currently teaching a master class in how not to cash in on a "celebrity sex tape."

For one thing, the girl waited too long. Teen Mom 3 was kind of a bust, and it ended in 2013 after just 13 episodes.

So a Mackenzie McKee sex tape isn't nearly as valuable it would've been at the peak of her "fame," but she's trying to make a go of it anyway - and it may wind up costing her her marriage.

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Some backstory: Mackenzie debated not releasing the tape, but it seems Vivid Entertainment (the same company that produced the Farrah Abraham sex tape) eventually made her an offer she couldn't refuse.

Now, Fishwrapper is reporting that Mackenzie is in LA ironing out details with Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch.

And apparently she'll be coming home to an empty house, as insiders claim that her husband, Josh McKee, has packed up and left.

Sources say Josh informed Mackenzie's mom that he believes she's in Hollywood shooting porn scenes.

The mom says she attempted to explain to Josh that Mackenzie is simply working out a business deal to release the porn she already filmed (with him as a partner), but apparently he couldn't be reasoned with.

It's unclear if Josh still believes his wife went to LA to become the next big thing in porn, or if he's just pissed that she's releasing their sex tape without his permission.

Either way, it seems Mackenzie has scored a porn contract at the expense of her marriage.

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