Lindsay Lohan Posts Naked Butt Selfie to Celebrate Birthday

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Lindsay Lohan turns 29 tomorrow. Take a moment to try and wrap your head around that. 

Post-Mean Girls, her career has primarily consisted of being mean to her own liver, but she's about to be a full two years past the customary checkout age for famous junkies, so...props?

Anyway, we're guessing a  Lindsay Lohan birthday party is a bacchanalian affair in which the drugs and booze flow freely for a full 364 days, so it's no surprise that LiLo wanted to kick things off by stripping down for the orgy a little early:

Lindsay Lohan No Pants Photo

Linds posted the above photo along with a caption reading, "My birthday is tomorrow!!!! Where shall I go soak up the sun and be with my sister???!!!!"

Your birthday is tomorrow and you don't have plans yet?! Get it together, girl. Also, what does your birthday have to do with your ass? On second thought, don's answer that question.

Obviously, nude Lindsay Lohan photos are nothing new, but this one is a little different, as 1. Linds actually looks pretty good, and 2. She's spared us the sight of her bloated coke-face which is always a good thing.

Of course, it's possible she learned her lesson from the many Lindsay Lohan photoshop fails of recent months and just decided to crop Miranda Kerr's head out of a photo and pretend it's her.

Either way, we appreciate the maturity and self-awareness that she's showing as she enters the last year of her twenties. Now let the partying begin! Who brought the bean dip with cocaine in it?

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