Khloe Kardashian Twerks Like Crazy at Kylie Jenner's Graduation Party: WATCH!

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Earlier this week, we learned that Kylie Jenner has graduated high school.

Kylie was homeschooled, and she seemed to spend far more time posting racy Instagram selfies then hitting the books, and late July is kind of a weird time to be graduating, but hey - at least she finished.

The whole thing was made official last night with a huge party at Kris Jenner's house that featured a ceremony in which Kylie received her diploma from Ryan Seacrest (?!), as well as some serious twerking from big sis Khloe:

Yes, Khloe is poppin' it like a trunk to a song by her brother-in-law at her teenage sister's graduation party. We get the feeling someone will be showing this clip to their therapist some day.

Naturally, Khloe wasn't the only one gettin' her freak on the dance floor. Kylie was spotted grinding on her friends like her graduation gift was all the Molly in SoCal:

And to think, at one point, it was rumored that Kylie's constant partying would prevent her from graduating.

Now that she's finally free from the shackles of pretending to study for a half-hour a week, she can really start getting crazy!

If you live in the Calabasas area, it may be a good idea to stay inside for the rest of the summer.

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