Kaitlyn Bristowe "Deeply Loves" Shawn Booth, Chris Harrison Says

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Kaitlyn Bristowe will pick between two remaining men on The Bachelorette tonight, but did Chris Harrison tip his hand as to who she chooses?

Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe

No, the franchise host didn't confirm The Bachelorette spoilers that have preceded the finale, as always, for the last few weeks and months.

He did confirm, though, that personal trainer Shawn Booth and businessman Nick Viall are both contenders, but that Booth may have the edge.

"From the minute he got out of the limo, [they've] had this thing together ... and they’ve had this amazing romance," Harrison said of Shawn.

"Even telling him about her thing with Nick, that was an odd attempt to take care of him, to be his caretaker. You can tell she deeply loves him."

"I think she wants to take care of Shawn."

Of course, that sort of cuts both ways.

Their relationship has had its ups and downs, for sure, and it's been rocky since Kaitlyn confessed to bedding Nick, as he didn't take that well.

At all.

Still, Harrison said his intensity is understandable, and doesn't mean he won't still be The Bachelorette winner at the end of the night. Maybe.

"His worst nightmare was realized when Kaitlyn sat him down and said, 'Oh, by the way, I went too far with Nick,'" Harrison said.

"Shawn’s a great guy, but he has trust issues. So understandably, he has these issues but these two guys love Kaitlyn dearly."

Ben Higgins, The Bachelor 2016 and the last man dispatched by Kaitlyn leading up to the finale, agrees that he should be The One.

"Shawn immediately knew that Kaitlyn is a woman he respected, that he is physically attracted to," he explained of his competitor.

"His desire to get to know her more and more and more kept increasing and I saw it by being his friend and hearing him talk about it."

"I think there is very little doubt in Shawn’s mind that Kaitlyn is the type of woman he wants to be with," says Ben, who should know.

Do you agree? Or is Nick the best pick? Or should she ditch both at the altar and go home single? Hit the comments and discuss!

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