Joe Giudice BUSTED Cheating; Teresa Giudice Denies Rumors

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Teresa Giudice was frequently depicted as a devoted wife who would support her man no matter what.  So much, that she took part in Joe Giudice's financial fraud and ended up in jail!

But despite the fact that Teresa Giudice is serving 15 months in jail for his financial scam, she is still devoted to Joe.

Teresa and Joe Giudice Instagram

What is even more shocking is that she is standing by her man after he was spotted with another younger women--again!!

Joe was busted going out to dinner with another woman after attending their daughter, Gia's, graduation.  But Teresa denies all rumors that he is having an affair.

“Joe has told Teresa there is nothing going on, and she has nothing to worry about. And Teresa blindly believes him, even as her friends tell her that something unsavory is going on,” and insider told Radar Online.

“Teresa will always stand by Joe publicly, even to her friends,” the source added.  “It’s just a very sad situation because it’s obvious to so many in their circle of friends that Joe is playing her.”

One of Teresa’s friends disclosed that after Gia’s middle school graduation in June, Joe spent the evening with a young woman rather than celebrating with his children.

“When Joe was done with Gia’s graduation, instead of staying with his family, he took his friend on a date to Rare The Steak House in Little Falls, NJ,” the source claimed.

Rare—a restaurant he and Teresa would frequent—has become Joe’s regular place for night’s out.

“He goes there often, and the people recognize him and are appalled because they know he used to frequent the place with Teresa and her family,” the source said. 

Rare was contacted for a statement, but an employee at the restaurant refused to comment.

Joe has started filming a special for Bravo that documents his life as a single dad while Teresa is locked up.

A source claims that Teresa feels it is more important than ever “to present a united front because she wants the world to think that the perfect family will be waiting for her once she gets released from prison.”

In May, Joe was spotted on a date with a much younger woman.  He denies the claim, but his shady behavior makes it hard for everyone—except Teresa—to trust him.

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