Jake Gyllenhaal Talks Taylor Swift, Plays Coy About Ex-Girlfriend

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Some called it a coincidence.  Others called it a burn.  

But Jake Gyllenhaal claims he didn’t even notice that his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift’s song “Bad Blood” was playing in the background as he walked on the Good Morning America stage.

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Sure, that might have been easy to ignore.  But he couldn’t ignore Howard Stern’s conversation about Tay on Wednesday.

Stern brought up the GMA incident during an interview on the SiriusXM radio show with 34-year-old Gyllenhaal.

"Were you aware of that?" Stern inquired, even mentioning that the incident was a “big deal” on social media.

Gyllenhaal, who was supposedly Taylor’s “first,” responded with a little laughter and a simple “no.”  Then he added, “First of all, I did not hear that.”

“When I'm doing an interview, when you are up at 5 a.m. and you can't make sense of words, you're not thinking about the background music that's playing behind you,” the Southpaw star continued.

Stern stirred the pot saying that the GMA producers were “up to shenanigans” and that they played “Bad Blood” intentionally to "make some sort of association.”

But Jake didn’t buy into the conspiracy theory. "I'm sure they have so much music on that show playing all the time," he said. "It's just one of those things.”

Of course, Stern continued to pry into Jake’s relationship with Taylor, whom he briefly dated in 2011.

Stern exclaimed, "I feel — and this is me stepping in — you should have married Taylor Swift, and I'll tell you why," he said. "What a power couple!" 

He added, "I would have said, 'Jake, this is The One.' Because to me, nothing is sexier than a woman who can play songs and write." 

Things didn't work out between Jake and Taylor.  And at first, there was some heartbreak. Rumors circulated that Taylor had a meltdown when she saw Jake at the Golden Globes party.

But she has since moved on.  Taylor and Calvin Harris are dating, and it looks like things between them are quickly heating up.  In January, it was rumored that Jake is dating Ruth Wilson.

They have both let bygones be bygones, and Jake had nothing but kind things to say about his ex. She’s a “beautiful girl,” he stated.

When Stern’s co-host Robin Quivers asked about “All Too Well,” the song Taylor wrote about him, Jake only replied, “Do I [have a song]? I don't know.”

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