Hulk Hogan Cites God on Twitter, Refers to Self as "Strong Soldier"

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Hulk Hogan really should have stopped when he was ahead.

Late last week, a transcript of the wrestler's old sex tape surface, with the world being unfortunately introduced to Hogan as a huge racist, dropping one N-Bomb after another in regard to his daughter's then-boyfriend.

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But Hogan did at least come right out and issue what seemed like a heartfelt apology, referring to his language and "offensive" and not representative of his true views.

Great. Cool. Perfect. Just go ahead and lay low for awhile, right? Wait for the storm to blow over and maybe make a slow comeback down the line?

Nope. Apparently not.

First, Hogan re-Tweeted an utterly asinine message, seemingly agreeing with a follower who doesn't comprehend why President Obama got away with using the N-Word and Hogan did not.

(Note to Hogan and this Twitter user: Obama used the word in the context of a discussion about race in America; Hogan used the word to insult another human being.)

Now, Hogan has issued a Tweet of his own in which he writes:

"God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers."

We'd like to imagine God's reaction to this message goes something like this:

Hey, don't bring me into this, brother! You gave yourself this battle by saying some really terrible things!

Elsewhere, Hogan went on to thank his supporters ("This is how I feel today,with friends ,family,and the greatest fans in the world...") and address his critics by writing:

"For those that left me and didn't stand by my side,u will see and I will prove,who i really am and u will also understand my love for u."

Fair enough. Now, Hulk, about those homophobic comments you also made back in the day... ?

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