Farrah Abraham on Botched: So Nervous! So Embarrassed! So Grateful!

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Farrah Abraham may be a big fan of plastic surgery, but she was embarrassed to go on E!'s Botched after one procedure went horribly awry.

NOTE: If you're wondering if Farrah Abraham's botched lip injections were botched just to go on Botched, you are far from alone right there.

Assuming it wasn't all contrived, which is a big assumption, Farrah says she "was embarrassed to walk in there" and admit what happened.

"Admitting that I messed up on something that I love to do was a little harsh for me to confront at first," she says. "But I think it was good."

"To share my story because it was on national headlines and news ... I wanted to show others so they don't have the same complications."

As the saying goes, never let a crisis go to waste without milking it for 15 extra minutes of fame on a second-tier reality show. Kudos.

"The anesthesia, nothing was working," she recalls, detailing the drama you can see for yourself when you watch Botched online.

"I could feel everything, and it was hurting in a crazy way, and my lip was blowing up as I was sitting there," the Teen Mom star continues.

"I'm like, 'Okay, you guys need ... to get this out of my body because I'm clearly having some type of a reaction,' and it was scaring me."

After spending a night in the hospital, Abraham turned to Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif for help with the unplanned complications.

"I was just very thankful for Dr. Dubrow's assistance," says Abraham. "I was sweating bullets with him just close to me with the needle."

"But overcoming the fear was like the greatest day of my life because I have been such a supporter of cosmetic and plastic surgery."

Unswayed after her oredal, Abraham is such a big enthusiast that she's even planning a career as a plastic surgeon if she can get it.

As for any more plastic surgery plans on a personal, rather than professional level? Abraham says she wants to keep it to a minimum.

"I really love fillers for me, and for my body type they do wonders, but there is no huge surgery that I need," she tells People Magazine.

"Just keeping up with preventatives for me, preventing wrinkles and aging because I really love being the 24 that I am right now."

We're not ready to count that among the dumbest Farrah quotes of all time (below), but that says more about the rest of said quotes ...

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