Farrah Abraham, Lip Injections: Actually Coming to Botched!

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Farrah Abraham has basically confirmed our long-held belief that her lip injection debacle was all a ploy to land a spot on the E! show Botched.

Is it possible she didn't do this to herself on purpose? We suppose.

But at the very least, even if it wasn't a publicity stunt at the start, the second s--t went bad, she shamelessly tried to cash in and make it one.

“My segment on Botched airs on Sunday, July 12," Farrah says.

"They say bigger is always better but this wasn’t the case when I had botched lip injections that nearly left me with disfigured swollen lips."

Miraculously, after conveniently extending her 15 minutes of fame, her face has been repaired and looks like its (mostly) natural self again.

Then Abraham seamlessly pivots to an amazing product plug:

"Now I traded in the needles for lipstick, and my new luxurious lip line Fotched is a fun way to be a trendsetter and express your creativity."

Yes ... you read that right. Her new lip liner is called Fotched.

Because #LoveWins, Fotched "features moisturizing chapsticks, lipsticks, lip glosses and lip liners, available in all the colors of the rainbow."

"It will be exclusively available for preorder on my website Farrahabraham.com and through my social media handles on July 12 as well!”

"Pucker up and let me fulfill your lip fantasy one smooch at a time!"

That's okay, really. Can we take a rain check? Okay, great.

Ever the entrepreneur when she's not dabbling in businessmen, Farrah goes on to dish about some of the other things she has in the pipeline.

“I’m also getting ready to launch a whimsical children’s spa product collaboration with Beauty Kitchen by Heather Marianna," Abraham adds.

"It captivates the bath time bonding experience between mother and child," she explains, noting, "Of course I had to do it Farrah-style."

You don't even want to know where our minds just went.

"So expect to see some yummy, mouthwatering scents and fun, cool products. Expect to see more of me through the end of the year in 2016!”

Does she know this is 2015 right now, or is she saying she has so much going on that it will take her about 18 months to explain it all to us?

Like most things Farrah, it's very much unclear.

As for her dating life and her recent breakup with Simon Saran, she seems a lot less bitter about the split now at least. Explains Abraham:

“Simon and I are still really good friends but because of my busy schedule things just didn’t work out. I am single now and ready to mingle!"

The line forms to the right, gents.

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