Farrah Abraham Gives Daughter $600 From Tooth Fairy, Makes Us Question Humanity

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As we know, Farrah Abraham is always up to something, and more often than not it's controversial. But not just for porn-related reasons.

This time, it's the Teen Mom star's parenting being called into question ... for quite unexpected reasons, after she posted the below pic:

Sophia Abraham, Tooth Fairy
Farrah Abraham Poses, Smiles

Farrah's daughter Sophia, as you can see, just got $600 from the tooth fairy. That must have been one or two amazing teeth she just lost.

That dollar or quarter you used to get? Chump change compared to Sophia, who is living the BALLER lifestyle before hitting first grade.

It's as if her Tooth Fairy pic, Farrah envisions us saying, "Wow, she can give her kid so much, wow, how successful and loving she is!"

NOTE to Farrah: No one is actually saying that.

Sophia might realize someday that the reason she got all that cash was because of the infamous, best-selling Farrah Abraham sex tape.

Then again, Farrah is already resigned to this, unabashedly musing about the day she sees Sophia's own sex tape ... so there's that.

The 24-year-old is doubling down on her career as a sexual goddess, too. Farrah wants her own "sex talk show," or so she tells us.

Maybe she can give her guests some of the new Farrah Abraham sex toys she's working on, 'cause obviously those are in the works too.

You almost have to give her credit for being so shameless, and doing so well at it, whatever you think of her chosen "career" field.

But when it comes to the message she's sending Sophia with the big-bucks Tooth Fairy present ... where will the critics even begin?

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