Dwayne Johnson Sort of Defends Hulk Hogan

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Dwayne Johnson has squared off multiple times against Hulk Hogan in the ring.

But the wrestler-turned-actor is now sticking up for the maligned WWE icon.

Dwayne Johnson in San Andreas
Hulk Hogan and His Muscles

A week after Hogan got fired from the company due to the leaking of a sex tape transcript in which he drops says the N-Word many times, Johnson has spoken out on the troubled star.

“I was pretty disappointed with what I heard... Pretty disappointed,” Johnson said during the 2015 TCA press tour panel for HBO’s Ballers on Thursday.

Using Hogan's real name, the actor continued:

“I’ve known Terry for a lot of years, my dad helped train him in Florida in the ’70s when he was breaking into the business... I have not known the man to be racist."

Hogan went on to apologize for his awful word choice, though he has also sent a couple Tweets since then make us question just how sorry he actually is.

In one, he clearly agreed with the sentiments of a follower who doesn't understand why Barack Obama can use the N-Word when discussing racism in general... yet Hogan can't use it to insult African-Americans.

In other, he said God is testing him because He sees Hogan as a strong soldier.

“It’s funny, it’s one of those things where - and [I’m] not justifying what he said - we’ve all talked trash, especially in private,” Johnson concluded.

“He said what he said, and he’s paying the price."

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