Brooke Hogan Defends Hulk Hogan… Via Poetry!

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Facing his most fearsome opponent to date (those against racism), Hulk Hogan can take comfort in having at least one person in his corner:

Daughter Brooke Hogan.

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Late Thursday night, Hogan was fired by the WWE after a transcript from a sex tape he recorded eight years ago hit the Internet.

In it, Hogan dropped the N-Word on multiple occasions when referencing a man with whom Brooke was having sexual relations, even admitting at one point:

"I am a racist, to a point."

That point, apparently, being his disdain for "f-cking n-ggers."

Soon after his wholly inappropriate words were made public, Hogan apologized, saying his language was "offensive and unacceptable."

And now Brooke Hogan has come to her dad's defense; first posting the above collage on Facebook and then writing a long entry... that rhymes!

Indeed, Brooke has used poetry to defend Hulk Hogan-  and you really need to read the message in its entirety to fully grasp its profundity and its nuances...

If you knew the dad I knew,
you'd know his tender heart.
He'd never want to hurt his fans,
or family from the start.
If you knew my father, 
you would know how hard he fought...
and the way it brought a smile to people light, medium and dark.
We always fight a battle 
that people never see,
and sometimes when you're hurting, you don't think logically.
Human isn't perfect,
and perfect is not he,
but I can tell you one thing, it's just not what it seems.
Cause If you knew the dad I knew,
you'd know he raised me well.
He taught me folks are so much more 
than shades could ever tell.
And If you knew my father, 
you would know he's down to earth.
He may have slammed the giant,
but remembers life's true worth.
If you knew my father,
if you just walked in his shoes...
then you would know that microscope that comes with yellow boots.
If you knew my father, 
you would see your own in mine.
And if he was your father, you could never find divide.
Cause me- I bet your father 
or someone that you love
Maybe regrets something 
they wish they'd never done.
So if you know my father, 
remember he's a man,
and you would crave relief if people judged everything you did.
The lord says to forgive them, 
don't be the one to stone...
so please remember his strong arms when you were all alone.
The lives he's changed, the friends he's made, 
the people he's inspired...
It makes me sad to see my dad 
defeated and so tired.
If you knew my father, 
you would know just how he's hurting...
For he loves every one of you, regardless of your story.
And if you met my father, 
I know he'd give you love!
He'd lift you up, apologize and give you all a hug.
For those who think you know my father, 
remember who you are.
We all can make mistakes and carry ugly scars.
Because I know my father, 
I can promise this-
Just like you and I, things we don't mean can sometimes slip.
We all continue learning. 
This life can be so rough...
So if you know my father, please try not to be tough.
My father has a daughter, 
and I have feelings too.
And if I knew your father, I would do the same for you.

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