Briana Jungwirth Pregnant, Other Louis Tomlinson Side Pieces PISSED!

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Louis Tomlinson may have a baby on the way with stylist Briana Jungwirth, but he's also juggling three other girls, according to reports.

Those additional side pieces, predictably, are pissed.

Briana Jungwirth, Louis Tomlinson

News that Louis Tomlinson is expecting shocked the Internet when the story broke late Tuesday, and yet perhaps it shouldn't have, in hindsight.

Not considering how many behinds he's had in sight.

Ever since Tomlinson, 23, split up with Eleanor Calder, 22, he’s been taking full advantage of the single life ... with Briana and others.

Jungwirth, 23, got the golden ticket apparently.

“Despite having a baby with Briana, Louis is still juggling at least three other girls right now," says an insider close to One Direction.

Baby news notwithstanding, Tomlinson is "really enjoying the single life right now and has no plans on settling down anytime soon."

“Unfortunately the other girls he had been ‘dating’ are really jealous of Briana and upset about the baby news,” the insider says.

"All of them were hoping to be the one to land Louis.”

What a once-in-a-generation catch, it's true.

Briana Jungwirth may have had the inside track for some time, though, after the two were introduced through close mutual friends.

She and Louis were spotted publicly three times in May, sparking rumors that they were exclusive, but June was a different story.

Tomlinson was seen then with model Tamara Bell, cozying up at the Glastonbury Music Festival and on one other occasion.

It's not clear if Louis and Briana are together, or will be now in light of this news, but clearly it was not a monogamous romance.

Baffled One Direction fans have been demanding answers on Twitter, and it looks like Louis still has plenty of explaining to do.

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