Bobby Flay, Stephanie March Settle Divorce: Who Scored?

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It’s been an ugly divorce for celeb chef Bobby Flay and his now ex-wife Stephanie March.

Bobby Flay and Stephanie March

Flay and March separated in April, and immediately things got ugly.  March claimed she made Flay famous by being his taste tester.   It was a silly argument, but it put her in the running for a hefty sum of money.

Since then, they have been battling it out over how much money March deserves when their marriage is officially terminated.

But Stephanie wasn't willing to end the battle there.  In an epic celebrity divorce moment, while Bobby Flay gave his Hollywood Walk of Fame acceptance speech, a plane flew overhead carrying a banner that said “cheater.”

Stephanie swears she wasn't behind the banner.  But we aren't so sure!

But despite the drama, the former married couple has settled on a divorce agreement.  Finally!

When the couple married 10 years ago, Stephanie signed a prenup that gave her a $5,000 a month.  For most folks, that’s a lot of money.

But Flay’s net worth is over $20 million.  With his hefty bank account, Stephanie wanted more than just 5K a month.

According to sources, the negotiations between the two were difficult.  However, Stephanie came out with the upper hand because Bobby wanted to avoid trial.

Likely, with allegations that Flay cheated with Giada De Laurentiis, he knew the trial wouldn’t end in his favor.  So this was probably Bobby’s best option.

A source claimed, "He didn't want a plane flying over the courthouse,” referring to the Hollywood Walk of Fame “cheater” situation.

It isn’t clear how much Stephanie got in the settlement.  But sources say she did just fine.

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