Bobbi Kristina Brown: Funeral Invitation Ignites Controversy

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On Monday, Bobbi Kristina Brown's funeral will be held near her home in Alpharetta, GA.

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The memorial service has already generated controversy due to the bizarre "sweet 16" theme chosen by Bobbi's aunt Pat Houston.

Members of both the Brown and Houston families believe the theme serves to make a sick mockery of the proceedings, and they've asked Pat to reconsider. She reportedly refuses to budge on the issue.

Now, Houston's handling of the arrangements is once again creating an uproar, and this time, it's unlikely that Bobbi Kristina's other relatives will back down.

TMZ has obtained a copy of Bobbi Kristina's funeral invitation, and in addition to strict instructions regarding arrival time and the ban on additional guests, the document asks attendees to make a charitable donation in lieu of sending flowers.

The problem, according to certain members of the Brown family, is that the charity listed is run by Pat Houston, and many believe she's using Krissi's death as an opportunity to line her own pockets.

Leading the push to get Pat to rescind her request for donations is Bobbi Kristina's other aunt, Leolah Brown.

Leolah has taken to bashing Pat in the press, telling TMZ that she is "not the sweet quiet person that she's tried so hard to make people believe she is."

She's also sent out an email to several people who have received the invitation, asking that they not donate "ONE RED CENT" to Pat Houston's charity.

With all this conflict over the funeral, we can only imagine how ugly the fight over Bobbi Kristina's fortune will get.

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