Bobbi Kristina Brown: Family BANNED From Visiting Hospice Facility!

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Last week, a photo of Bobbi Kristina Brown on her deathbed was shopped to various media outlets, all of whom (thankfully) declined to purchase and publish the macabre image.

Unfortunately, the leaked pic has resulted in some fallout for Bobbi's family and friends, as sources now say her loved ones have been banned from visiting the comatose 22-year-old in the hospice facility where she now resides.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Close-Up

Bobbi Kristina was moved to a hospice facility last month, and she's been removed from the machines and medications that have been keeping her alive since January.

The Houston and Brown families have gathered to say their goodbyes and have reportedly been visiting her every day.

Now, however, hospice administrators and Bobbi Kristina's estate have banned most of her relatives from the grounds for fear of further privacy violations. 

Only Krissi's father, Bobby Brown, is permitted to continue visiting her.

He's told TMZ that he intends to find out who was responsible for the photo and have them prosecuted, at which time, the visitation ban will be lifted.

Sources say Bobby suspects a member of his side of the family, and he decided, in accordance with Peachtree Hospice and Cissy Houston, to enact the ban today and keep it in effect until the matter is sorted out.

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