Bethenny Frankel Disses Jewish People on Twitter

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Bethenny Frankel just got herself in a bit of viral hot water.

The reality star and entrepreneur, who returned this season to The Real Housewives of New York City, found herself on the receiving end of criticism Sunday after releasing an odd Tweet.

"Got stung dead center of my a** cheek today by a WASP," Frankel wrote. "In the Hamptons, I’m surprised it wasn’t a JEW. #ouch."

Ouch indeed, huh?

Being Frankel

It's unclear exactly what Frankel meant by this.

She was either making a joke about many Jewish people residing in this area of New York; or, as some believe, taking a swipe at ex-husband Jason Hoppy.

Frankel and Hoppy have clashed for several months, with the star recently being ordered to pay Hoppy $100,000 in attorney fees following the couple's split.

Still... that doesn't give Bethenny license to insult an entire religion.

She may not have meant anything by the Tweet, but good rule of thumb, people: avoid writing "JEW" in all capital letters when making a negative comment and you should be fine.

Fortunately for Bethenny, she isn't the only celebrity to have ever misspoke on Twitter:

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