Ariana Grande: Under Police Investigation for Anti-Patriotic Donut Incident

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Things have gone from bad to worse for Ariana Grande.

As previously reported, the young singer came under major fire this week after saying she hates America when faced with a number of donuts inside a bakery.

You can watch the anti-patriotic footage - which features Grande kissing new boyfriend Ricky Alvarez - here:

After facing significant backlash for her words and actions, Grande issued an apology, with her rep telling TMZ that Ariana is a "proud American."

But now the incident is under investigation by the police and the Environmental Health department.

According to multiple outlets, Grande actually licked the store’s donuts and spit on a tray of the delicious snack items, a major party foul confirmed by the establishment’s owner.

Those same donuts were later purchased by future patrons.

As a result, The Associated Press confirms that authorities are now looking into the gross prank because the donuts were left unprotected and exposed to the public, in violation of state food laws.

It doesn't appear as if Grande herself could face any legal ramifications for her regretful actions.

Wrote Grade on Twitter yesterday, following up on her representative-issued initial apology:

"I need to clean up this mouth of mine & set a better example for my babes. i apologize and i love you."

Live and learn, Ariana. Live and learn and find more important causes to fight than America's donut consumption.

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