Ariana Grande: Dating Ricky Alvarez?!

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Ariana Grande is dating backup dancer Ricky Alvarez, according to a new report ... about powdered donuts that also exposed this new romance.

Sources at Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, Calif., say the duo came in this weekend and they were all over each other ... plus the sugary treats.

Say what now?!

The video above shows Ariana and Ricky Alvarez engaged in some serious PDA, but they also decided to play truth or dare with the merchandise.

From what the staff says, they were daring each other to lick powdered jelly donuts on the counter. It's not clear if they actually made contact.

It was definitely a little close for comfort, though, and she pulled the stunt when no one was looking, so clearly she was thinking about it ... right?

Hopefully they didn't contaminate any donuts, although Wolfee's might actually get twice the normal price if they marketed a special "Grande" version.

A lot of people might pay good money for a pastry pre-tasted by Ariana Grande. You know that d-bag Justin Bieber would grope it any day of the week.

Just saying.

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