19 Kids and Counting: FCC Complaints of "Dangerous" Duggars May Doom Series

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The Duggar family faces steeper obstacles than the PR nightmare that has become their life if they hope to ever return to the airwaves on TLC.

New Federal Communications Commission (FCC) documents contain complaints that could well bring the axe down on 19 Kids and Counting.

The complaint filed details the Duggars' “dangerous” views portrayed on the hit show and asks for the show to be pulled from the air forever.

Certainly, it's a view shared by a growing chorus of critics.

According to the document, 19 Kids and Counting “[pollutes] the national television airwaves with a family that protected a pedophile son.”

“Because they claim to be Christian,” the complaint against child molester Josh Duggar and company says, “it seems to allow them a pass."

The Duggars, these critics allege, "espouse a dangerous worldview regarding women, that includes incest as acceptable behavior.”

Somehow we're guessing they're not talking about forcing women to wear garments like this Jessa Duggar swimsuit photo reveals, either.

The FCC issued a reply, explaining that the organization can act only “relating to particular programming, rather than a general opinion.”

Should complaints continue, however, or get more specific, the FCC - and/or TLC - may be all but formed to pull the plug on the Duggars.

If there's any advertiser even willing to associate with them.

Commercial sponsors have already dropped 19 Kids and Counting left and right due to the Josh Duggar scandal, so it may be a moot point.

The show was shelved indefinitely by TLC, and you can't watch 19 Kids and Counting online either, but it hasn't been canceled ... officially.

At this point, it's hard to see it ever returning, though the fact that it's still in limbo tells you that the network isn't taking the decision lightly.

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